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About Us

About Us

Why Arawinda ?

Arawinda's story began with a simple business philosophy:
We have nurtured our relations with the best of many business giants based in India to an extent that we today share their objectives and ideals.
" Provide quality product. Deliver it to the customer ontime".
  • Resistant against all climatic conditions
  • Strong Seals.
  • Custom Construction.
  • Consistency and Service.
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The major strength of us is our TEAM SPIRIT which we have, to bring our company to a world standard.
Key Strengths of ARAWINDA:
  • Quality
  • Approach to Customers
  • Customized Manufacturing
  • Timely Delivery
  • Our Service to the Clients

Quality Assurance

Bags will not be used more than once unless sterilized.
  • The growth medium height should be 250mm minimum, and trees should be planted into a bag with a 4 litre minimum capacity for rooting cuttings or 5 litre minimum capacity for seedlings. Relevant research is undertaken to determine the satisfaction hereof.
  • On dispatch, nursery bags will be neat and are maintained with 100% Quality.